5 Reasons to visit Cybersec Europe 2024

01 March 2023
2 min
When people think of Cybersec Europe, they think of top speakers, innovations from the cybersecurity companies leading the industry and the great networking opportunities. They’re absolutely right, but there is more. Here are five reasons to visit Cybersec Europe 2024 on the 29th and 30th of May in Brussels.

1. The entire cybersecurity market in one place

You have the biggest names in the business together on one floor. Cybersec Europe is a great place to talk to others in the industry, see what the competition is doing and compare techniques. You have two days and hundreds of questions, so come visit our 130+ exhibitors.

2. Networking

With 5.000 cybersecurity professionals there, meeting colleagues at Cybersec Europe couldn’t be easier. But how do you know you’re meeting the right people? There’s no end to the networking opportunities with our networkplatform, but also the many sessions, meeting points and drinks provide you with plenty of opportunities to expand your network. Join Cybersec Europe and strengthen your professional network connections.

3. It’s free!

Yes, it’s free. So bring your colleagues and get inspired together by tomorrow’s cybersecurity technology.

4. The perfect place to develop yourself

At Cybersec Europe, you can take the time to learn something new. We have more than 100 speakers, each with fascinating talks. We offer you two days with inspiring keynotes speakers and experts sharing the latest in-depth strategic and technical know-how during their sessions. View the program (which is updated daily) here. Bring new skills, contacts, and ideas back to the office with you.

5. This is the chance to shield the core of your organization

Cyber attacks are an ever growing threat in today’s tech environment. Cybersec Europe 2024 is the platform for experienced cyber security experts as well as next-gen start-ups to share knowledge with peers for jointly coping with the cybersecurity challenges. Businesses and institutions of all sectors learn how to enhance cyber resilience and protect their core.

Register for free for Cybersec Europe 2024

After a successful edition in 2022, the European event on cybersecurity will be back on the 29?? ??? 3??? ?? May in Brussels Expo. Don’t miss out to learn how to enhance cyber resilience and shield your core. You can register for free via the button below.


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