Nine parties dominate endpoint security market

03 January 2024
2 min
The market for solutions in endpoint security is growing by 16 per cent this year. Interestingly, nine parties are taking over three quarters of the global market. This is all according to recent figures from Canalys.

Endpoint security is about protecting devices such as PCs and smartphones from malicious threats and cyber attacks. The solutions should prevent malware attacks, detect malicious activity and provide recovery capabilities in case of security incidents and alerts.

The applications around endpoint security have evolved considerably. What served mainly as an antivirus solution at the time has only become more comprehensive and sophisticated in recent years. Although, of course, so have the threats.

The big nine

According to Canalys, the market is worth more than USD three billion, so it is growing by 16 per cent this year. The top nine vendors account for 77 per cent of the global market, namely: Crowdstrike, Trend Micro, Palo Alto Networks, Trellix, Microsoft, Sophos, SentinelOne, Eset and Symantec.

These parties are unevenly represented. For instance, Crowdstrike, regarded by Canalys as the global market leader in endpoint security, is mainly present in the US. While Trend Micro and Palo Alto, compared to Crowdstrike, have a higher market share in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). In the list of nine, Eset is the only European party.

In addition to these nine, there are of course other parties, such as Cisco, WithSecure, Bitdefender, Fortinet, G Data, Acronis and Check Point Software, that engage in endpoint security. Some of these have a strong local presence.



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