Deepfake Debunker Duckduckgoose Raises Over a Million Euros

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Tech startup Duckduckgoose has raised €1.3 million from investors. The Delft-based company provides software to detect deepfake images and speech. With the rise in deepfake fraud, especially in identification processes, investors are backing the company’s growth.

Funding comes from SI3 of Shaping Impact Group and Ctrl+Alt+Invest, who contributed €1 million, with Aruma Ventures, Graduate Entrepreneur, and Kwetter adding €300,000 earlier this year. This brings the amount in this first investment round to 1.3 million euros.

Duckduckgoose provides an API to which customers can send images. The content is then analyzed for traces of manipulation using AI applications. The company will use the investment to increase its position in the world of digital identity. It also makes its technology ‘scalable’ for multiple scenarios such as countering deepfake porn, fake news and deepfake telecommunications.

House of Representatives

The startup works for banks and insurers and also for the House of Representatives to investigate possible manipulated images of MPs. In addition, the Netherlands Forensic Institute is a client and international security services and the American Ministry of Defense regularly call on deepfake investigators. Director Parya Lotfi: ‘We are happy that investors see the possibilities of our software. Bank fraud, sextortion, incitement, social polarization… Those with malicious intentions can cause a lot of damage with deepfake images. But with our software you can unmask deepfake.”


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