Free career companion tool dedicated to Cybersec Europe 2023 attendees


Based on your role and activities, self-assess your skills. Run the tool for as many cybersecurity roles as you require. Identify those skills that need to be improved and those skills of excellence for the selected role.

The tool also recommends possible career paths with additional roles that may be of interest, based on the skills that were evaluated. Drive your career by focusing your upskilling and experience gathering effort on the right skills and activities.

How to proceed

Start by linking to and select the role to evaluate. The tool proposes a series of roles among 11 security roles. The New European Skills framework from ENISA shall be adopted and will be freely available to Cybersec attendees who take the assessment.

Each role is based on a dozen of skills among 140 that are inventoried based on various skills frameworks such as SFIA and CIISEC.

Obtain a full view on your skills DNA

Based on the roles that are assessed, your Skills DNA view shall list your self-assessed level of competence for each related skill giving a full view of domains of competence and of improvement.

Adopt the tool that remains available to Cybersec attendees to accompany their career evolution. is a non-for-profit tool made available by Ataya Partners advisory, Hightech Partners Executive Search, and was developed in cooperation with Solvay Lifelong Learning.

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Cyber attacks are an ever growing threat in todays tech environment. Cybersec Europe 2023 is the platform for experienced cyber security experts as well as next-gen start-ups to share knowledge with peers for jointly coping with the cybersecurity challenges. Businesses and institutions of all sectors learn how to enhance cyber resilience and protect their core. After a successful edition in 2022, the European event on cybersecurity will be back on the ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? in Brussels Expo. Don’t miss out to learn how to enhance cyber resilience and shield your core. You can register for free via the button below.

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