People with autism excel in security sector

03 April 2024
1 min
Employers are becoming aware of the advantages that people with autism offer, with the result that individuals on the autistic spectrum who are distant from the labor market are finding it easier to find employment. This was stated by career coach Anne-Marije Buckens yesterday during Goedemorgen Nederland on NPO 1. The broadcast was partly dedicated to World Autism Day.

People with austism distinguish themselves positively by a high concentration capacity and more loyalty to their work, according to Buckens. In the same broadcast, Inge Bryan (ex-Fox-IT), who has autism and ADHD herself, said, “It’s nice to see so much attention being paid to it. The board chair of the ethical hacker club DIVD thinks her autism is the reason she started working in the security sector. “The whole security business is about spotting deviance and we are very good at that.

Several companies and institutions have now taken initiatives to employ more neurodiverse people, including autistic people. Diversity and inclusion also plays a role in the Chronic Shortage of ICT Workers Attack Plan drawn up by NLdigital and other organizations from the ICT industry in early 2023. Against the background of a shortage of ICT workers, it is not acceptable that someone who wants to work has to stay on the bench because of neurodiversity. Training and coaching neurodiverse people, appropriate recruitment and mentoring have received more attention.

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