Guy Verstraeten (SPIE): “security is a team sport, sharing and learning is something we support”


SPIE Belgium ICS is one of the 100+ exhibitors at Cybersec Europe on the 19th and 20th of April in Brussels. Guy Verstraeten, Director at SPIE Belgium ICS, explains why he looks forward to this European cybersecurity event.

Why are you attending Cybersec Europe again as an exhibitor?

We are participating in Cybersec Europe again for several reasons. First, we want to show our latest innovations to the visitors, listen to their needs, and offer them the most suitable solutions. Furthermore, our participation in this event is an excellent opportunity to showcase our ecosystem and demonstrate our know-how as a specialist in cyber security. We work with the best technology providers to deliver our customers with our state-of-the-art services.

We are also happy to welcome students and job seekers to our stand to offer them an exciting challenge within our company. Finally, this event allows us to establish a relationship of trust with our customers, which is essential for us.

Why are events like Cybersec Europe important for the world of cybersecurity?

Today, cybercrime is on the rise and poses an increasing threat to businesses and individuals.

According to a recent study conducted by the American company McAfee, the number of computer attacks has increased by 400% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the need to strengthen cybersecurity at all levels.

Events such as Cybersec Europe allow these organizations – regardless of their level of maturity – to understand the latest trends and technologies in cybersecurity and to learn about the solutions available to protect them from malicious attacks.

Finally, security is a team sport, so providing an environment where people can share ideas and learn from each other is something we support. Events like Cybersec Europe help bring together the best cybersecurity talents, strengthen professional networks, and create a strong and resilient ecosystem to address current and future cybersecurity challenges.

What are you going to show the visitors of Cybersec Europe 2023?

We will proudly present to our visitors a selection of our solutions that help companies improve their performance and simplify the user experience while maximising security. For example, our Security Awareness solution, which helps businesses deal with phishing and ransomware attacks. We will explain how it can help simulate phishing scenarios and train users to recognize suspicious emails while building overall resilience and reducing the risk of a data breach. An essential tool for building a solid human firewall and protecting businesses from cyber-attacks!

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