Cyber Security Coalition and Cybersec Europe partner up: “Knowledge sharing is essential in cyber security”

Cyber Security Coalition and Cybersec Europe partner up: "Knowledge sharing is essential in cyber security"


The Cyber Security Coalition, a unique partnership in the fight against cybercrime, and Cybersec Europe join forces to facilitate knowledge sharing on the subject of cyber security in Europe.

Make a cyber safer place

The mission of Cyber Security Coalition is to bolster Belgium’s cyber security resilience by building a strong cyber security ecosystem at national level, by bringing together the skills and expertise of the academic world, the private sector and public authorities on a trust-based platform aimed at fostering information exchange and implementing joint actions. This fits perfectly with what Cybersec Europe wants to achieve with its event. “Knowledge sharing is essential in cyber security”, says Jan De Blauwe, Chairman of Cyber Security Coalition. “In Belgium, cyber security experts leverage their strengths under the umbrella of the Cyber Security Coalition and work together to make our country a cyber safer place. Cybersec Europe enables knowledge sharing on a European scale thanks to the wealth of expertise from various disciplines brought together in Brussels Expo. Sharing the same mission, the Cyber Security Coalition is proud to be a partner of Cybersec Europe.”

The Cyber Security Coalition is a unique partnership between players from the academic world, the public authorities and the private sector to join forces in the fight against cybercrime. Currently more than 100 key players from across these 3 sectors are active members contributing to the Coalition’s mission and objectives.

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