Levi Nietvelt (Beltug):”With corona came increased homeworking, extending the attack surface”

17 April 2023
3 min
Beltug, a unique partnership in the fight against cybercrime, and Cybersec Europe join forces to facilitate knowledge sharing on the subject of cyber security in Europe. Levi Nietvelt, Business Manager at Beltug answers some questions about cybersecurity.

What does Beltug do?

With over 2200 members from 500+ organisations, Beltug is the largest Belgian association of CIOs & Digital Technology leaders. We cover their priorities such as vendor and software asset management, 5G, hybrid IT, cyber security, artificial intelligence, the hybrid workplace, IoT, privacy, data governance, and many more.

We defend the interests of our members, develop positions, and support knowledge exchanges between our members. Each year, we organise more than 50 events for sharing experiences. Beltug also represents the business ICT users at the European and international levels, in close cooperation with organisations in other countries. www.beltug.be

What trends do you spot in cy­ber­se­cur­ity?

Only a few weeks ago, we performed our 2-yearly market study of the B2B Belgian ICT market. Results are forthcoming, but we can already say that large organisations expect a significant increase in the cybersecurity budget. The expected increase now is larger than what organisations said the influence of corona would be on the budget. With corona came increased homeworking, extending the attack surface. Organisations stated that the budget would increase, but we find that the increase they expect now is larger. I can’t reveal the figure yet, but it is significant. An important part of that increased budget will go to security solutions and almost equally important will be the set-up of awareness campaigns. Large organisations are aware that the best tooling in the world can’t stop insider threats. Also, if outsiders obtain credentials, tooling won’t help. On top of that, human errors like misconfigurations or programming weaknesses are also present. So, awareness is crucial. Another trend is the expectation that many more organisations need to analyse their security measures and controls and to have them brought in line with the upcoming NIS2 framework. It includes the supply chain of organisations. Very interesting research coming up, with many more findings.

Register for free for Cybersec Europe 2023

Beltug is a happy partner of Cybersec Europe because we find it important to have such a world class event close to where our members are. We also go to FIC, in Lille, France, as we are part of a European collaboration of CIO and digital leaders’ organisations. But, as Cybersec Europe is in Brussels, it is easy to meet up, to talk to interesting speakers, to get inspired. Beltug offers a strong knowledge sharing platform to it’s members. Several of our initiatives are aimed at the exchange of insights, expertise, and best practices. At Cybersec Europe, we will have the opportunity to meet up with peers, expand our ecosystem, talk to inspiring speakers and get inspired by their stories. All this will result in plenty of thought-inspiring takeaways for the visitor’s own operations.

Cybersec Europe 2023 will be on the ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? in Brussels Expo. Don’t miss out to learn how to enhance cyber resilience and shield your core. You can register for free via the button below.


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